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2 oz. Potpourri Refresher Oils


2 oz. bottle of our signature oils in their pure, potent form. The bottles are available in 2 oz. and 1/2 oz. sizes. For the 1/2 oz. bottles please follow the link at the bottom of the page. Each bottle comes with a dropper top for easy application. There are 26 different fragrances available.

The best way to refresh your potpourri:
1. Put the potpourri into a ziplock bag
2. Add a few drops of refresher oil
3. Shake and for the best results let some air out of the bag and let the potpourri sit in the bag for apx. 1 hour so the botanicals can
absorb the oil.
4. Return the potpourri to its dish and enjoy!

Please note: this “refresher” oil is for refreshing the aroma of potpourri and is NOT to be used as an essential oil. This oil is NOT to be used in electric diffusers and sprayed into the air. However, they are safe to use as a reed diffuser, wax melters, regular potpourri, and simmering potpourri. Please avoid contact with skin

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2 oz. bottle of our signature oils in their pure, potent form. Each amber glass bottle comes with a glass dropper for easy application.