Bayberry Potpourri


Bayberry Potpourri fills the air with the scents of the Winter holidays. Delight your senses with a true Christmas traditional aroma, centuries old. If you are not familiar with Bayberry, it is a scent of it’s own. Mild, light in the air, yet a warm pleasant fragrance. With notes of Balsam and spice. A clean fresh smell

Bayberry is certainly a reminder of an old fashioned Christmas. Traditionally Bayberry was used to bring prosperity and good fortune to the house. Our Bayberry is featured with our hand carved wood bowl, sold separately. An added “old touch” to your display.

Bayberry is available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Our larger bags are great to share with your guests. Send them off with a little bag of Christmas to go home with them.

We recommend purchasing a Bayberry Refresher Oil, sold separately, to keep your potpourri fragrant well into the New Year.

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