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Bee My Honey Potpourri


Bee My Honey handmade Potpourri, a sweet summer addition to any home.  Open a jar of honey and breath in the delicious aroma.  A delightfully simple, rich sweetness, inspired by our buzzing busy bees.

The potpourri is designed around the “bee” color pallet of deep yellows, earth tones and rich blacks.  Our mixture is comprised of many different natural botanicals then drenched in our signature “honey” oil.  A delightful little bee is included to adorn your display.

This is a strong scent and will fill a room without a problem.  To keep the aroma going strong all year, just a couple drops of our Refresher Oil every now and then, will do the trick.  Refresher Oil is sold separately.

Our black potpourri pan accents this potpourri well, and is available for purchase separately.

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