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Sandalwood Potpourri


Sandalwood handmade Potpourri; warm your home with this rich, sweet and woody lingering aroma. Bag contains apx. 6+ Cups

Our Sandalwood fragrance comes from the steamed distilled oil from billets and chips of the Sandalwood Tree.  Sandalwood is considered a luxurious and exquisite oil, a rich balsamic sweet fragrance with delicate wood notes.

The potpourri features an array of 100% natural botanicals in the soothing colors of sand, water, and cottons.   Natural twine balls, lotus pods, peepal pods, curly pods and elephant ears are just a few of the botanicals doused in our exotic Sandalwood Oil.   Several natural seashells complete the look of this one-of-a-kind mix.

Sandalwood is a rich scent and will fill a room without a problem.  To keep the aroma going strong all year, just a couple drops of our Refresher Oil every now and then, will do the trick.  Refresher Oil is sold separately.

Our hand carved wood bowl accents this potpourri well and the quantity of potpourri you will receive fits perfectly in it. The wood bowl is available for purchase separately.

***Sandalwood will be back in stock once our latest botanical shipment arrives***