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Secret Garden Potpourri


An elegant potpourri of muted tones. Containing cream, fuchsia, green, and yellow botanicals.
A potpourri inspired by English gardens. Each bag comes with beautiful sola and cedar flowers.
All scented in a bright and fresh floral oil. Notes of blooming lilies and lilacs, green leaves, and
honeysuckle. Mildly sweet and richly floral, a refreshing and inviting scent.

I am very excited about this new potpourri. I love the color palate and how the bright and fresh smelling lilac oil pairs with it. It’s a wonderful potpourri to roll into spring with and have in your home throughout the summer. All of our potpourri is mixed and scented at the time of your order to ensure peak freshness

Pictured in the wood bowl is the amount of potpourri you will receive with the Small bag. This sized bag fits perfectly into our hand carved wood bowl. Although the potpourri is heavily scented and last a few months I highly recommend purchasing the refresher oil to make the potpourri scent last all year long!

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