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Winter Cranberry Potpourri


Winter Cranberry Potpourri embodies the seasonal expression you are looking for. Our signature cranberry fragrance is the rich sweet aroma of tartness and simmering cranberries paired with delectable orange citrus notes. This potpourri is decorated with frosted birch cones, cinnamon sticks,  assorted botanicals in hues of festive reds and burgundies, and is topped with a sparkle of silver Milo Berries. Cranberry is one of our strongest scents, and is great at spicing up the air in a larger area. An excellent holiday aroma to welcome your guests as they come through the door.

Winter Cranberry is available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large bags

Our signature Refresher Oil is available, sold separately, to keep the scent alive all through the long Winter months.

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Winter Cranberry Potpourri – Spice up the long winter months with this rich aroma.